The Weird World of Motorsport (July 25)

Birmingham Superprix

A wry look at some of the stranger tales from the world of motorsport.

This week we bring you news of Nico Hulkenberg building burgers, Hamilton and Rosberg hitting the small screen, and Sebastian Vettel getting cheesy. But we start with...

Racing back to Birmingham?

Motor racing could be set to return to the streets of Birmingham if local man and self-confessed Jean Alesi obsessive Matthew Taylor gets his way. Mr Taylor wants to see the Birmingham Superprix revived and is one of 1,100 people - that’s roughly 0.1% of the city’s population - to sign a petition calling for its return. We won’t hold our breath.

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The Incredible (burger-building) Hulk

During the Silverstone weekend, Nico Hulkenberg participated in a burger-building contest hosted by a cartoon-like TV presenter with an indistinguishable accent. Yeah, it’s weird, but good on them for doing something a bit different. 

Lewis and Nico find commercial success

Mercedes pairing Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have transferred their on-track rivalry to a new TV advert. The German marque has a history for producing brilliant racing-related commercials - not least this classic starring Hamilton and Fernando Alonso - and though the new effort isn't quite of that standard it's still worth a watch.

Vettel gets cheesy

It would seem Sebastian Vettel is not a fan of the new Formula E series, telling a German magazine "I think it's cheese." We have to assume Seb is referring to the French team co-owned Alain Prost, the unfortunately-named e.dams... 

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Rob Ford's ridealong

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto. He is also a colourful character who has attracted significant media attention of late, though we won't go into that (the Wikipedia entry on it is fairly extensive). Last weekend he attended the IndyCar event in his city, riding  in the back of a truck ahead of the double-header race. Not hugely significant in itself, but he does look funny in the pictures, doesn't he?

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