Key quotes from Jeremy Lin's LA Lakers press conference

New LA Laker Jeremy Lin has been discussing his surprise move from the Houston Rockets.

There is a new chapter ready to be written for NBA star Jeremy Lin, and it will unfold in Los Angeles.

Having been linked with an off-season move to the 76ers or return to the Knicks, Lin landed up being traded to the Lakers.

The 25-year-old is ready to go, having been unveiled on Thursday to the press.

He said: "I'm not trying to relive that banner season,"

"I think that's been a big weight off my shoulders and I think that's very important for me as a player. I'm not trying to recreate a 'Linsanity.' I'm not trying to be that phenomenon that happened in New York. I think I just want to be myself more than ever."

With that in mind, it's just as well a return to the Knicks didn't happen, for the switch to the Western Conference for the first time allows him an entirely fresh start.

Lin went onto elaborate why he feels this way, discussing that he has improved as a point guard since that famous run of form in the 2011/12 season.

"I think from the minute that I stepped into Houston until now, I'm definitely a much more complete player and I learned how to do a lot of things that maybe I never had to do before, which was learning how to play off the ball, cutting and really challenging myself with some of the weaknesses that I've had to try to improve on."