Hyrule Warriors: Impressions, Characters and Gameplay.

Hyrule Warriors

At Nintendo's post E3 conference in London, Hyrule Warriors is one of the games that particularly stood out among the others.

Take the universe of The Legend of Zelda and combine that with Dynasty Warriors, the outcome is actually rather spectacular. Hyrule Warriors is a fast paced, action packed hack and slash war game set in the Kingdom of Hyrule which has been invaded by an army of evil forces. Admittedly, its rather scary when witnessing 30+ enemies running towards you in an attempt to kill you, however the surprisingly user friendly control scheme means that its easier to prevent that from happening than to run away - with a few swings of Link's sword for example, you can pull of some pretty deadly combos and wipe them out remarkably quickly. There are also multiple mini-bosses which guard different areas and each level has a boss battle at the end. One of these bosses was featured in the demo, however the time limit on the demo often made it difficult to finish, or sometimes even reach the boss battle since the game constantly has you pre-occupied, well, that and it is very addictive especially when testing out all of the combos.

The game features 9 playable heroes who each have their own combat styles, combos and weapons. Additional weapons can be looted from chests found in each of the levels - each weapon has its own set of combos and awesome special effects to light up the battlefield whilst wiping out a large proportion of enemies. It's quite a display.









There are also enemy characters that appear on the battlefield in a similar way to players, these characters could potentially be playable however there is not yet any conformation as to whether they are or not. These characters include Cia, Valga, Wizro, Zant, Ghirahim and Ganondorf. 

Hyrule Warriors launches in the UK and US on September 26th following the August 14th release in Japan. Its an absolute "must play" for anyone who is a fan of Dynasty Warriors or The Legend of Zelda. It's exclusive to Wii U, so if you have one of those, its a game definitely worth adding to your collection - You won't regret it.

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