Bioware teases new horror game in ‘Nightmare’ trailer

Bioware Nightmare Teaser Screen 1

An obscure trailer has been revealed that teases some kind of horror project from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developers.

Bioware, developers of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series of games, have teased a new horror title in a teaser trailer.

People have been sent an email with the subject line ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ and a link to a YouTube video for the trailer called ‘Nightmare’.

As with most teaser trailers, especially for things we’ve never heard about, they're mostly pretty damn obscure. There’s a guy who’s seemingly having a pretty messed-up nightmare about running through narrow back alleys and eventually seeing himself in a car he’s trying to get into. Oh yeah, and there’s a dude with smoke for a head.

With the popularity of intense horror games like Outlast, which I recently ventured into, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bioware was making their own game in the same genre. Wouldn’t be surprised, and would definitely be intrigued, that is.

Bioware are synonymous with great story-telling, characters, and spoken narrative in their games, so a horror title with all of those aspects would be great.

Eurogamer also said that there are various websites and teases that could be linked to the game, with police reports on a missing person called Henna Caplin (, and a website for the Woods-Watson Institute of Higher Learning – a fake college website.

We expect some more info to be revealed at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, so we’ll keep an eye out. Colour us intrigued!

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