Warcraft movie logo and impressive props shown at San Diego Comic Con

Warcraft Movie Logo

Movie studio, Legendary, has revealed the Warcraft movie’s logo and some of the props used in the film.

First announced back in 2006, Warcraft, the movie based on Blizzard’s Warcraft series of games, hasn’t had the best of starts when it comes to actually making a movie. There have been numerous delays, director changes and very little actually seen or known about it until now.

San Diego Comic Con is happening over the next few days through the weekend, and the studio behind the movie, Legendary, have some props on show at their booth.

Warcraft Movie DoomhammerThis is Doomhammer, a legendary meat tenderizer in the Orc world.

Warcraft Movie Sword Shield AllianceAn Alliance sword and shield here.

Warcraft Movie Weapons

The images are from www.warcraft-themovie.com.

We’re sure the movie will be a success, in the sense that many people who’ve played, or still play, World of Warcraft will go to see it just to take a look. Hopefully it won’t just be two hours of pure fan service, although as a recovered WoW addict myself I think I could just about live with that.

Warcraft is due for release on 11th March 2016.

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