Violent robbery thwarted thanks to Call of Duty game

Thief brought to justice as robbery overheard through Xbox

Games aren’t just out there getting us all addicted to violence, In some cases having a gaming console can actually be an aid to justice as is the case with a recent robbery in Eastbourne.

As reported by The Argus a robber has been sentenced to eight years in prison after his actions was transmitted via Xbox.

Three gamers who were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in their flat were rudely interrupted by armed robbers demanding money. After resisting the robbers demands one victim was hit over the head with a handgun while a second accomplice obtained a knife from the kitchen. The trio were tied up and the robbers made off with a laptop, mobile phones and their Xbox.

Unbeknown to the robbers was the fact the their victims had been playing on Xbox Live with a friend in Brighton who, hearing the commotion via his Xbox alerted the police to the break in.

This and the fact the man who has since been sentenced stupidly stopped mid-robbery to take a call from his probation officer led to the speedy arrest of one of the robbers who now faces prison. Police are still on the search for the second robber.

As a result of the affair gamers can take some solace in the fact Call of Duty for once has been instrumental in stopping a crime rather than starting one, as some ‘commentators’ would have us believe.

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