Sony offer $15 million worth of free content for 2011 PSN hack

Some PSN users could receive free games and PlayStation plus subscriptions.

Sony will be giving out $15 million of free games and content to users affected by the PlayStation network data breach in 2011.

After Sony admitted the security of the PlayStation network hd been compromised in 2011 the network was unceremoniously taken offline for around three weeks.

At the time a Welcome Back pack was offered giving gamers 2 free PS3 game, 2 free PSP games and a free short term PlayStation Plus subscription.

Some felt this wasn’t compensation enough however which lead to a North American class action lawsuit being filed against Sony. Polygon have now reported that three years later the console giants have agreed to a further settlement which is currently awaiting approval from the court.

Should the settlement be passed then content will be distrubted via the following methods,

If you had a PSN account in 2011 but did not claim the Welcome Back pack you can choose to take either one PS3 or PSP game from a list of fourteen, three PS3 themes from a choice of six, or three months PlayStation Plus subscription

You will also be able to double up on this offer picking up for example two free games or two three month subscriptions. Sony will keep this offer running until $6 million of content has been given out.

If you did take the Welcome Back offer you will be eligible still for one game, one theme or one three month PS Plus subscription, $4 million of free content will be handed out in this way.

Both offers are to be on a first come first served basis until the above capped figures have been reached.

Qriocity account holders who did not have a PSN account when the hack occurred will be offered one free month on the Music Unlimited service.

SOE account holders affected will also be eligible to claim $4.50 worth of Station Cash to be credited to their accounts.

There will be some time before this all potentially happens as the Final hearing in which the Judge will assess the fairness of Sony’s proposed settlement will not be taking place until May 1st, 2015.


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