New Steam controller prototype adds analog stick

Steam Controller Prototype 3

Valve’s foray into the world of game controllers shifts the design of its Steam controller again.

The newest, and third, version of Valve’s Steam controller includes an analogue stick - bringing it closer and closer to a more traditional concept.

Valve’s initial prototype was revealed in September last year and included a touchscreen, and placed the ABXY buttons around it.

The second prototype was shown off in January this year, removed the touchscreen entirely, and placed a d-pad and buttons in more traditional locations.

The trackpads, which have remained throughout each prototype shown, are said to use haptic feedback to the user and emulate analog stick controls. Thanks, Eurogamer.

Steam Controller Prototype 3

Every time we see the Steam Controller it gradually moves towards a more common convention, which is no bad thing - if it ain't broke, why fix it, and all that. Personally I’d prefer a couple of analogue sticks on the controller, but my only real experience with touch controls is on tablet devices, and I just don’t think they work well - perhaps the Steam controller could sway my opinion?

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