New Batman figure looks like summon from Final Fantasy

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman 02

Square Enix has announced its new line of Batman figures designed by the creator of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura.

There are many different versions of Batman; Tim Burton’s Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Batman are most recognisable from the movies. And there’s Gaslight Batman, Vampire Batman and Year One Batman, to name just a few from the comics – oh, and we can’t forget Adam West as Batman back in the 60s! However, the latest version of Batman takes another dramatic turn from all of his other variants, as designer and creator of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, took to lending his own vision for the bat.

As part of a new line in collectible Batman figures for the high-end Play Arts Kai series, you can certainly tell this Batman is of Nomura’s design - it looks like something that wouldn’t feel out of place as a Final Fantasy summon.

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman 01

Square Enix says the figure that’s being shown at San Diego Comic Con this weekend is just a prototype, so there’s no price or date of release scheduled yet. But as this is part of a new line, featuring designs by Nomura, perhaps we’ll be seeing other characters from the Batman universe soon.

If you like this then you should definitely head on over to the Square Enix shop and check out some of the other Play Arts figures.



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