Ever wanted to know what Darth Vader drives? Hot Wheels shows us.

Hot Wheels Darth Car San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con plays host to a new full-sized car inspired by Star Wars and Darth Vader.

When just a young boy Anakin Skywalker used to spend his days racing around Tatooine in a Podracer, but as he grew older and visibly much darker in nature he deserved to ride about in something a little more refined. Cue the ‘Darth Car’, a creation from Hot Wheels and Star Wars that’s being shown off at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

The car is life-sized and houses an LS3 engine boasting 526 horsepower. The car also sits on custom red line tyres and comes complete with Darth’s famous heavy breathing sounds. The car is there to promote a new line of Hot Wheels cars inspired by characters from the Star Wars universe.

Hot Wheels Darth Car 2Hot Wheels Darth Car 3Hot Wheels Darth Car 4

Hot Wheels Darth Car 6 

Hot Wheels Darth Car 1All it needs is a couple of fins on the back and you’ve got yourself a Batmobile

The photos are taken from the Hot Wheels Facebook page.

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