Relive your NES memories with a pad that works with your newer devices

NES30 Image 1

8Bitdo have created a gamepad for use with modern mobile devices that looks, and is said to feel, like the NES gamepad.

For those of you old enough to remember the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the gamepad is iconic in its design and simplicity - just the sight of one can bring back memories deeply rooted in your childhood. 8Bitdo have created a new gamepad that looks and apparently ‘feels’ like the original, and it allows you to use it with iOS, Android, MacOSX and Windows devices.

NES30 Image 1Get ready for that nostalgia hit

Whilst the addition of some extra buttons to allow for more modern games don’t make the pad an exact replica, the NES30 doesn’t lose any of its nostalgic appeal. Some mobile games out there use on-screen buttons and controls, which don’t feel comfortable to use in my experience – but the look of the NES30 has swayed me into considering an investment in one.

The pad comes with USB support so you can connect directly into your PC, plus it has Bluetooth connections too. Two of the pads can connect to one device at the same time so you’ve got no problems when it comes to multiplayer and it even acts as a Wiimote. The pad’s in-built CPU allows its firmware to be upgraded in the future and the battery life lasts up to 20 hours. Check out the NES30 website for more info, and look at this page if you're interested in buying one - it's around £25 ($40) on eBay. Thanks, Engadget.



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