New Project CARS screens rain down with dynamic effects

Project Cars Cover (weather)

Slightly Mad have revealed some preview screens showing off dynamic weather and lighting systems.

Project CARS’ recently added dynamic weather and day/night cycle engine is being shown off with a new batch of screens.

“The previews show off new dynamic rain droplets, riplets and godays that will make the changeable weather conditions in Project CARS even more immersive.” Reads a press release accompanying the screenshots,

“The weather & time of day engine in Project CARS will challenge players with completely dynamic weather & lighting conditions, from day to night, sunshine to torrential rain and everything in between. All weather & dynamic time of day features will be available on all of Project CARS 60+ tracks.” the statement adds.

Check out the effects below

 Project Cars Screen 1


Project Cars screen 2


Project Cars Screen 3


Project Cars Screen 4


Project Cars screen 5


Project Cars Screen 6


Project Cars screen 7


Project Cars  screen 8


Project Cars Screen 9


 Project CARS is currently set to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November with versions for Wii U and StemOS to follow in 2015.

The game is also planned to support Project Morpheuis and Oculus Rift Virtual reality headsets. 


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