NBA: Doc Rivers to coach the Los Angeles Lakers?

The former Boston Celtics coach could switch from the Clippers to the Purple and Gold.

Few things are constant in the NBA, but you can always count on the Los Angeles Lakers making headlines.

Even after a miserable season in which they missed the playoffs and an offseason full of swings and misses, the Lakers are still in the news.

Now, Doc Rivers - one of the biggest names among head coaches in the NBA - could be looking for a new team and only one team has a vacancy.

Surprise, surprise, it's the Lakers.

Rivers's tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers could be coming to an end with the ownership debacle surrounding Donald Sterling. Sterling is clinging on to his position with a seemingly endless stream of lawsuits, and the end of this saga is not in sight.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne reports that Rivers will likely leave his post as head coach if Sterling continues to own the team, according to Clippers CEO Doc Parsons.

This could just be posturing by Parsons or Rivers to attempt to force through the transition to new ownership.

If Rivers is actually thinking about leaving, however, this scenario is perfectly set up for the Lakers.

While other teams quickly filled their vacant positions and took many of the top candidates off the market, the Lakers held off with the hope of first attracting a superstar, such as Carmelo Anthony, who could then pick his own coach.

Even after they whiffed on the big-name players available, the Lakers have still not named a head coach for next season.

Rivers would be worth the wait. He is one of the best coaches in the league and would command huge respect from star shooting guard Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers are set up for another tough season with their current roster, and Rivers memorably left the Boston Celtics because he is not interested in being a part of a rebuilding process.

There is no five-year plan in LA, however. The Lakers will believe they can contend if not next season, then the season after, and they will undoubtedly be targeting a marquee acquisition in the next year. Rivers has the profile to recruit superstar players who will want to play for him alongside Bryant.

This is still a long-shot, of course. Rivers is likely to remain with the Clippers next season, and even if he steps down he may not join the Lakers.

The opportunity to remain in Los Angeles, coach Kobe Bryant and bank on the franchise's history of building title-winning teams, however, may be enough to convince Rivers to make the switch to the purple and gold.