Majestic Nights looks and sounds all kinds of brilliant

Majestic Nights Screen 9

Epiphany Games’ new 80s themed game will reveal the truth behind shadowy conspiracy theories.

For anyone who knows me, they’ll realise that I love all things 80s – whether it’s good or bad. I love the music, the clothes, the movies and games… everything. When I saw that an episodic game was being made that’s set in the 1980s, I obviously jumped straight at it to find out more. I just hope it’s going to be as good as I want to be.

Majestic Nights is a title being developed by Epiphany Games, a studio based in Australia. The game uses a top-down view and is set in the 1980s where all the conspiracy theories we’ve heard about are actually true.

Playing as two different characters - an intelligence operative named Cardholder, and a PI called Cal – you must uncover the truth behind conspiracies, all whilst gathering clues to plaster on a wall made up of images and string.

Lead Designer, Sam Jensen has said;

“We wanted to create a game which was simple to play and just let people dive into the story. The story and the world are the forefront of this game – they’re the star of the show and we want everything the game does to support that.”

Spanning seven chapters, the first of which is a prologue and will be free, Majestic Nights is said to link all its chapters into a complete story. A season pass will be available to ensure you get all the chapters, or you can pay for each individually if you wish, as they also hold up as separate experiences.

Majestic Nights Screen 4The art style reminds me of Borderlands and Telltale's The Walking Dead - this is good.

Majestic Nights Screen 8Looks like the guy in the black suit and shades could be one of those shifty FBI types.

Majestic Nights will be available later this year for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The official website is definitely worth a look too.



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