LG has created a fully flexible TV screen

LG Flexible OLED Display 1

In the age of HD and 4K, LG is looking to create bigger and better flexible TV displays.

With TV displays being constantly pushed to the limits of development, and new innovations being invented all the time, it’s nice to see something that isn’t solely about the pixel count. Over on Engadget and OLED-DISPLAY.net they’ve reported on a new flexible OLED display from electronics manufacturer LG.

In the video below you’ll see the screen being put to the test as it’s bent and rolled, all whilst displaying moving images – impressive!

The display on show is only a prototype at just 1200x810 pixels, but it shows exactly what can be achieved. LG have also said they’re planning on creating an Ultra HD TV of at least 60 inches in 2017, using the same technology.



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