Want to know what Minecraft is all about in just 20 seconds?

Keshen8 YouTube Minecraft Vid Screen 1

Using Minecraft toys a YouTuber has summed up what the game is all about in just 20 seconds.

YouTuber Keshen8 creates entertaining videos using Lego over on his YouTube channel, and in his latest movie he’s summed up what it’s like to play Minecraft in just 20 seconds. For anyone who’s played the game this hold familiar sights and sounds, and for those of you who are yet to play it this video gives you a glimpse of what you’ll no doubt be doing.

There is obviously a little more to it than what's shown here, but it's summarised pretty well, all in a humorous fashion. The only thing I would say that's missing are the huge structures that are built as monuments to parts of the human anatomy, but I'm just being picky - enjoy! Thanks, Smosh.

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