Report: PC, Console game sales to fall $5bn as cloud gaming rises

A ninth generation of consoles is expected however

A report from mobile tech analysts Juniper Research forecasts a $5 billion fall in revenues from the sales of PC and console games within the next 5 years. This year’s figure of $46.5bn is expected to decline to $41bn by 2019.

As games sales fall the report also expects cloud gaming revenues will rise to $1 billion in 2019 from $281 million this year..A growing interest from service providers to increase average user spending with cloud games and services such as PlayStation Now are cited as leading to the increase.

Despite the decline in gaming software the market is expected to account for 50% of industry revenues over the next 5 years with PC games sales exceeding those on consoles. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games (MOBAs) such as League of Legends and Dota2 will continue to be amongst the most popular games on PC.

Juniper expect the latest generation of consoles will cause an uplift in software sales in the short term which will decline as the the 8th generation life-cycle draws to a close. They do believe that a 9th generation of consoles will be arriving which could cause a similar uplift in future.

Other findings contained in the report include the belief that handheld devices will struggle to attract gamers and shrink to under 2% of the total games industry sales by 2018 and that the increasing availablity of streaming services such as Twitch will nurture a popularity in competitive eSports.

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