Luigi Death Stare featured on official Nintendo advert

Mario Kart 8

The bad man of Mario Kart 8 upstages the rest of the cast in slo-mo race action TV commercial.

Nintendo have paid homage to the happy accident of Mario Kart 8 found in the slow motion replay reels. After going viral the Luigi Death Stare phenomenon  has been picked up by the Big N and used in a new TV advert for the game which dances out a ballet of slow motion racing antics.

The advert made for Japanese TV shows a number of Mario Kart 8 competitors, the main man Mario, Koopa Troopa, Rosalina. and Donkey Kong all feature along with Peach who can be seen blowing a kiss at an unseen adversary.

It’s the stern cold-eye from Luigi that steals the show however as Mario’s bungling green plumber sibling continues to enjoy his newfound reverence as the bad ass of Mario Kart 8.

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