This week’s new games for PS3

Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown Of The Sunken King Screen 1

New games incoming for PS3 on the week starting July 21st including the latest episode from Telltale’s The Walking Dead and some DLC for Dark Souls II

Read on for new games coming to PS3 this week.

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars

An expansion for Ubisoft’s Might & Magic card game, Forgotten Wars brings in a new faction, new mechanics, 150 new cards and The Altar of Wishes a new feature to aid players looking to add specific cards to their decks.


The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4

Amid the Ruin is the penultimate in this season’s Walking Dead Telltale story game series. In this episode the group faces it’s own inner struggles as the harsh realities of survival after the zombie apocalypse begin to pose a threat to the groups stability.


Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King DLC.

The first in a trilogy of add-on packs for Dark Souls II, Crown of the Sunken King takes you to vast underground caverns with stepped pyramids, spectral warriors and tentacled monsters as you search for the lost crowns of Drangleic's King Vendrick. hit this link to see some recent screenshots



That’s this week’s new releases on PS3 drop us a comment if you’ve anything to add about the games above.

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