This huge fully-functional Mech in Minecraft is amazing

Cubehamster Mega Gargantua Screen 1

If you thought your quaint little block house was something to be admired, wait until you see this incredible block-based creation.

If you’ve played Minecraft, which I’m guessing you have, you’ll probably have wandered around your randomly-generated world, killed some animals and perhaps even built yourself a shelter for the night. If you’re really good you may have even built huge structures or towns and explored the depths below, or even the Nether. Well, that’s all great, but YouTuber and Minecraft genius Cubehamster has gone 100 steps further and built a fully-functional mechMega Gargantua.

Mega Gargantua is made up of many different types of block and is a fully powered redstone creation. In the video below you’ll not only see the mech moving, but it’s many weapons are shown off too, such as missiles, bombers and cannons. Plus the music track is from Command and Conquer: Red Alert - Awesome! Thanks, Kotaku.

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