Major news channel uses Metal Gear Solid V image in child soldier talk

RT Metal Gear Solid V Screenshot

A screenshot from Konami’s upcoming addition to the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been used in an interview about child soldiers in Africa.

RT, formerly called Russia Today, is an international news network that covers everything from sport to conflicts around the globe. In a recent interview (which you can watch on RT’s website) with Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier turned hip-hop artist, he speaks of the war in South Sudan and his own experiences as a child. Whilst the content of the interview is extremely serious, you can’t help but notice the inclusion of a screenshot from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at around the 5:50 mark.

The official screenshot used in the interview is below.

Metal Gear Solid V Child Soldier Screen 1


Perhaps the individual who sourced the image was in a hurry, or just didn’t do their research? Either way, we can’t blame them if they only glanced at the image, as it does look realistic until you gaze at it for more than a second. Thanks, Kotaku.



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