Dell becomes world's largest ecommerce acceptor of Bitcoin

Computer manufacturer Dell will now accept Bitcoin as a payment option for any online purchases.

The tech giant follows the likes of Expedia and OverStock in allowing customers to make purchases using the crypto-currency. 

Dell, the third largest PC seller in the world, with annual revenue of $57bn according to The Telegraph, will be by far the largest company to have made paying with Bitcoin a viable option for consumers.

Bitcoin purchases have been made possible by Dell's new partnership with Coinbase, a secure third-party payment processor with over 650,000 users.

A Dell employee, Laura Thomas, made the announcement in a company blog post

"We’re excited to bring you the choice and flexibility this payment option offers and have partnered with Coinbase, a trusted and secure third party payment processor, to make this possible.

"I’m excited to share in the coming days we’ll be offering a special Alienware promotion wherein customers can save 10 percent off a new Alienware system purchase (up to $150 limit) when checking out with Bitcoin."

Dell claim that the using Bitcoin as a method of transaction offers many benefits over using debit/credit cards. Bitcoin payments offer lower 'payment processing costs' and 'your Bitcoin account isn’t tied to any financial institutions, can’t be frozen and carries lower transaction fees'.

Currently the option is exclusive to the United States, so customers in the UK and Europe will have to stick with card payments for the time being.

It isn't yet known whether Dell will expand Bitcoin payments to the UK in the near future.