The Weird World of Motorsport (July 18)

Hamilton & Rosberg

A wry look at some of the stranger tales from the world of motorsport.

This week we bring you news of Tamara Ecclestone's lunch, Jenson Button's charity drive, and a 72-year-old NASCAR racer. But we start with...

FIFA put a lid on Nico's World Cup helmet

The 2014 World Cup is over, but it lives on in our hearts and also atop Nico Rosberg's head. At least it should have, but those killjoys at FIFA decided Nico couldn't include a picture of the World Cup trophy on his crash helmet this weekend because they own the rights to it. Thank heavens Formula One isn't ruled by a bunch of fusty old men with no thought for how fans might perceive their actions...

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But whether or not Nico has a picture of a trophy on his lid, Lewis Hamilton reckons his Mercedes team-mate will enjoy the feel-good effect of the Germans' triumph.

"I think Nico will have that extra boost perhaps more this weekend because they've just won," opined Lewis, "they have the World Cup, so I think Germany is running on a serious high."

Lewis could be on to something there. In 2010 Spain won the World Cup and, at the subsequent race in Germany, Fernando Alonso won for Ferrari. Then again, following Italy's triumph in 2006 Giancarlo Fisichella could only take seventh (in a race-winning car) while Jarno Trulli failed to finish. So, what have we learned? Very little.

Getting the facts straight

The Daily Mail spend a lot of their time following Bernie Ecclestone's daughters around and photographing them doing nothing in particular. Take this recent effort from their online section, which carried the tantalising headline:

"Tamara Ecclestone wears tight mini dress with chain detail and metallic shoes to dine at Scott's"

Or, to put it another way, 'woman wears clothes to eat'. Still, you'd think the DM might do the most basic of research and find out exactly who Bernie is. But alas, the article itself suggests Tamara is "the daughter of Formula 1 team owner Bernie Ecclestone."

Let's not knock them, though. It's not like there is absolutely loads of info a quick web search away, right?

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Button on a bike

In news of a far less soul-sapping nature, the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon took place on Monday. The event raises money for Cancer Research UK and you can find more info, and even donate yourself, via the link below.

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Morgan Shepherd: NASCAR's evergreen racer

It's hard to get over the fact that 72-year-old Morgan Shepherd is still competing (and crashing) in NASCAR. In tribute to stock-car racing's favourite septuagenarian, here are some of the things that have happened since Shepherd was born in 1941:

  • Bernie Ecclestone has gone from motorcycle salesman to F1 team owner to billionaire CEO of Formula One Management (take note, Daily Mail).
  • Man has landed on the moon.
  • REM have written a song questioning whether man has really landed on the moon.
  • NASCAR has changed its championship format more times than we can remember.
  • James Hunt was born, won a world title, lived life to the absolute full, and died.
  • Ditto Ayrton Senna, Jochen Rindt, and Colin McRae
  • Milton Keynes
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