Xbox UK Exec Claims Resolution Issue Must Be Addressed

Xbox UK Marketing Boss, Harvey Eagle believes the Xbox One Resolution issue has had a negative impact on publicity for the console.

Harvey Eagle told website CVG  "I think its a perception challenge, absolutely".

Although Harvey Eagle understands that with most games you will probably not notice a difference in resolution between the Xbox One and PS4, (unless you are viewing on a 60 inch screen). He did go on to explain that the difference in resolution, had affected the media circuit with negative publicity.

"It's important, certainly. It's something the media has certainly picked up on. If that leads to the perception that one machine is more powerful than another, then it's important, and we're trying to allow developers to bring games to Xbox One at the highest resolution and frame rate as possible."

As developers learn more about the hardware, it is expected that the cross platform titles (PS4 / Xbox One) will narrow in terms of differences and that Microsoft will differentiate itself in other avenues.

"Content is one of the primary ways we differentiate the two consoles," he told CVG.

"We have our exclusive games, the likes of Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo Master Chief Collection and so on."

The Xbox One has had its teething issues in terms of bad publicity. At the announcement prior to launch, there was a huge backlash to details that the console had to be on 24 hours a day, and that it required an internet connection. A decision that was eventually overturned.

As a gamer myself, Ill admit that the resolution and initial launch issues were factors towards buying a PS4 or Xbox One, but there were other factors that people take into consideration. Buy what you know. What console will my friends be buying? (I had in depth discussions with mine). The game choices, and the reliability of the console itself (Blasted Red Ring Of Death). But resolution alone certainly wouldn't deter me from buying an Xbox One and it didn't.

When I saw 'Ryse' load up for the first time on Xbox One, I was blown away by the graphics and the atmosphere it created. But I have had the same reaction to any new game that pushes the boundaries in graphical elevation, after a while, the resolution and graphics becomes an after thought because I am so engrossed in the fluidity and userbility of the game-play. However, maybe I wouldn't feel as involved in the game, had the graphics not been as good?


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