VIDEO: New Gotham trailer released

Batman Arkham Knight

The new trailer for Fox's drama Gotham, which includes a variety of characters from the Batman franchise, has been released.

A new trailer for Fox's Gotham has been released, which shows a young Commissioner Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) walking the streets of the crime-infested city while half-familiar faces watch from the shadows.

With glimpses of Catwoman, the Penguin and the Riddler looking darker and more human than the versions we have grown to know and love, the trailer hints that Gotham is going to be a gritty affair.

Following Christopher Nolan's Batman-reinvention, it would have been easy to assume that particular DC story had been taken as far as it could go.  But Gotham suggests otherwise, with the show set to tell the story of Gordon's rise through the ranks after returning to the city as a war hero.

With the tag-line 'The Good. The Bad. The Beginning,' the trailer is only going to heighten expectations prior to the pilot's airing on September 22.