Star Wars: Battlefront to be,‘the best Star Wars game ever' say DICE

Star Wars Battlefront E3 Trailer Screen 1

Battlefront devs show big ambitions for the Star Wars: Battlefront return to 8th gen.

DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troeddson has recently spoken to MCV about the upcoming SWB game penned in for next year on Xbox One, PC and PS4. As reported byVideogamer Troeddson says,

“Historically DICE hasn’t worked on licenses that are not our own so this is different for us. If someone came to us with another licence then we’d probably say no but, in this case, Star Wars has a very special place in our heart. So when the chance to work on this game came up, we grabbed it. But that comes with different kind of dependency that we haven’t had for a long time as we’re working with someone else’s IP. But LucasFilm has been absolutely spectacular. Everyone is approaching this with the same idea – that we are going to create the best Star Wars game ever.”

“When we approach something like Battlefront there’s only one way for us to think about it and that’s: we are going to build the best Star Wars game ever created, if nothing else because Star Wars deserves it.”

Along with Star Wars Battlefront DICE are also working on a new Mirrors Edge title and are also helping Visceral with Battlefield Hardline

Some early in-game concept footage was shown for the SWB game in the works which we have below, check it out for a peak a Hoth and Endor


No official date has been given for the release of SWB but EA are promising more information in Spring 2015.

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