Sniper Elite III‘s Hunt the Grey Wolf pre-order mission out now

Sniper Elite 3 screen

Are you ready to dissect Die Führer's devious diversions?

Sniper Elite III’s pre-order mission Hunt the Grey Wolf is now available to purchase across all platforms for late comers looking for some extra gratuitously graphic slo-mo sniping,

Priced at £6.49 ($7.99 in the states) Hunt the Grey Wold takes you on a mission to sniff out the real Hitler amongst a group of Adulf look-a-likes. The mission will offer several ways for you to take out the Nazi leader along with randomised Hitler doppelgangers and clues strewn about a semi open-world. 

Three new content packs are also now available for Sniper Elite III. The Allied Outfits pack adds the Allied Urban Sniper, the U.S. Army Rifleman, and the Indian Division Soldier character models to the multiplayer, The Hunter Weapon Pack brings the SVT40 rifle, Trenchgun shotgun, and M1917 pistol and The Camouflage Weapon Pack comes with the Mosin Nagant rifle (Camo), the MP44 (Camo), and a silenced HDM pistol.

Below is the Hunt the Grey Wolf teaser.


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