Manuel Noriega sues Activision over likeness in CoD: Black Ops 2

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The former Panama dictator claims he was used without his consent to increase the popularity of the game.

Manuel Noriega is suing Call of Duty publishers Activision over the missappropration of his likeness in CoD: Black Ops 2.

The argued Noriega likeness can be seen in the video below. The scene shows the “False Profit” character you are tasked with capturing in the game on a mission which coincidentally takes you to Panama City.

The Lawsuit from Noriega’s lawyers as reported by Courthouse News claims his likeness was used "without authorization or consent" in order to "increase the popularity and revenue generated by Black Ops 2".

The report goes on to claim,

"Noriega was portrayed as an antagonist and portrayed as the culprit of numerous fictional heinous crimes, creating the false impression that defendants are authorized to use plaintiff's image and likeness. This caused plaintiffs to receive profits they would not have otherwise received."

By using his image it is stated that Activision achieved "heighten realism in its video game," which, “ "translates directly into heightened sales for defendants".

In making him look bad to sell their games the former military leaderr and politician seeks to claim punitive damages through the courts for, "lost profits" as a result of Activision’s, "unjust enrichment, unfair business practices, and violation of common-law publicity rights".

Below is a real life Noriega portrait for you to draw your own conclusions.




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