Dwyane Wade re-signs with the Miami Heat, will he or Bosh emerge as the leader?

The shooting guard will return to the Heat with a lot up in the air following LeBron James' departure.

No surprises here then. Before LeBron James and Chris Bosh came to Miami, Dwyane Wade was there. During the era of the Big Three, Dwyane Wade was there.

Were there any reasons to suspect that Dwyane Wade wouldn’t return to and likely finish his career with the Heat? None at all.

With the furore over the future of certain former and current residents of South Beach, it was easy to forget about Dwyane Wade.

After a season that saw him miss significant portions of the season through precautionary medical measures and a very forgettable performance in the NBA Finals, Wade suddenly found himself out of the spotlight, a forgotten star almost, as his fellow teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh made the decision as to whether they were stay with him and his squad of ageing veterans.

Now that the Big Three is officially no more, the Miami Heat have been rebuilding around the 2 remaining amigos, Bosh and Wade.

And while Wade’s decision to opt of his contract did not end up securing LeBron James’ signature, it did allow the Heat to keep a hold of Chris Bosh and bring in Luol Deng, moves that should take the Heat to the Eastern Conference play-offs next year, albeit with very different expectations to those they’ve become accustomed to.

The details of Wade’s return are not yet certain though ESPN earlier reported that he’d be signing a two-year, $34 million contract.

Should this be true we can see that Wade has once again sacrificed certainty and money, he was set to earn $42 million over the next 2 years of his last contract, in order to provide the franchise he’s spent his entire career with flexibility and financial manoeuvrability.

Wade’s powers are undoubtedly on the wane and should his knees continue to deteriorate over the next few years we will be looking at a completely different Dwyane Wade to the one we all know. This contract perhaps represents the last of the player we saw win 3 championships with the Miami Heat and it will be fascinating to see what role Wade adopts within the team and the organization now that James has left the Heat.

Who will lead them team? Bosh or Wade? Who will be the face of franchise? Could it possibly be Wade given his on-going physical issues? Is Bosh still capable of leading a team without Wade’s full support night in night out?

These are all questions that Dwyane Wade will have to answer on the court when he returns next season as a member of the Miami Heat.