Gorgeous roguelike Abyss Odyssey is out now with up to 33% off

Abyss Odyssey 3

ACE Team’s new roguelike adventure title is available today on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, plus there’s discount for a limited time too.

From the creators of Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash, Abyss Odyssey is ACE Team’s foray into the world of 2D roguelikes. Using procedurally generated environments and an art style inspired by Art Nouveau and Chilean mythology, it plunges players into an ever-deepening abyss. As you delve further downward into the abyss you’ll come across different monsters with their own set of moves. When you slay and capture the souls of your enemies you’ll be able to shapeshift into them and fight using the moves they had.

When you die in the game your experience gathered carries over into your next playthrough, so you can continue to kill increasingly powerful enemies and explore the depths. The Abyss Odyssey community will play a big part too – when reaching the warlock, the boss at the bottom of the abyss, as more and more players defeat him his mask will be chipped away. Once the mask is destroyed he will be given a new batch of skills with new challenges to complete.

A 2-player co-op mode is available for its campaign as well as a 4-player versus mode too. Take a look at the trailer for Abyss Odyssey below.

Abyss Odyssey is available for download now on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam. PSN users get a discount of 30% for a week, although if you’re in Europe you must be a PS Plus member. Xbox 360 and Steam owners can get the game for 33% off.

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