Was Silverstone a missed opportunity for Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton Silverstone

Though it was perceived that Lewis Hamilton simply clawed back Nico Rosberg's points lead at Silverstone, perhaps it would have been even more effective if the German had not retired from the race.

It was a subdued Hamilton that took to the podium after winning the British Grand Prix. No jumping, no whooping, nothing like the '08 version of the Brit that savoured the occason like it was his last. This time he knew, and felt, like it was a win inherited.

It's highly possible to imagine that Hamilton had the pace to catch and usurp Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg at Silverstone. Alas, we'll never really know thanks to the German's clutch giving up the ghost.

Mind games and psychological warfare have been the threads that tie Hamilton and Rosberg together in 2014. Every race has given one of them an upper hand, or conversely placed them on the back foot. Monaco was the tipping point: Hamilton lost all the momentum he had built between Malaysia and Spain, and Rosberg has done everything to capitalise since.

Lewis didn't miss the importance that his home win brought; it was evident from the celebrations on his in-lap - seat-belts off, fist pumping - that he knew he'd clawed back a large chunk of the points deficit that separated the pair.

But in some regards it was an opportunity lost. The realisation of such a chance began to sink in on the podium; it was a win, but Nico still had that edge over him, still had that hold.

There will be other chances for Lewis, other races, such as the upcoming German Grand Prix, that hold the potential to achieve the same result. But Silverstone right now is the one that kind-of-got-away. And, if anything, that plays directly into Nico Rosberg's hands.