Game devs call for Xbox Early Access programme

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And Microsoft are "listening really closely" but will we get one?

According to ID@Xbox director Chris Charla multiple requests are coming from game creators for a Steam-like Early Access programme for Xbox.

Such a system would allow for gamers to get access to unfinished games and take part in the games development.

Speaking to Develop Charla notes that Microsoft have being listening to the requests from indie games makers.

"Right now on Xbox One and Xbox 360, you can do betas," said Charla. "A lot of games do, and some games do private betas. When we talk about early access, it typically means a game that you buy and it evolves over time to become 1.0, so you're buying it before it's 1.0 - Minecraft on PC is a perfect example.

"It's something developers have been asking for, and we are listening really closely to developers, but I don't have anything to announce on that right now."

Sony recently discussed a similar Early Access service for PS4 although they’re equally as unrevealing as to when and how.

It seems that while both companies want to appear to be listening to the requests from gamers neither of them also want to flood their respective digital marketplaces with games that are not fully working or that may never end up being released. Charla went on to say:

"It's a really interesting issue with digital marketplaces, and it's something our store and marketplace team think about all the time. There's a lot of heavy deep thinkers, experts, PhDs working on these problems at Xbox every day - not just for the Xbox store, but for Windows Store and Windows Phone. Our goal is to have a rational marketplace, where good games are visible and sell well."

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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