Chandler Parsons offended with Houston Rockets treatment of him

New Dallas Mavericks addition unhappy at treatment in Houston.

When restricted free agent ChandlerPparsons was handed a $46M, 3 year offer sheet by the Dallas Mavericks he didn’t think twice.

It’s a huge pay rise on his current deal and he signed it almost immediately. The Houston Rockets, now officially his former team, were open about wanting to add Chris Bosh to a team that already included James Harden and Dwight Howard.

Chandler felt slighted by this, and his decision was made for him. He wasn’t going to stick around as an afterthought.

Parsons explained to Yahoo Sports:

"Honestly, I was offended by the whole process…They publicly said that they were going out looking for a third star when I thought they had one right in front of them. I guess that's just how they viewed me as a player. I don't think I've scratched the surface of where I can be as a player and I think I'm ready for that role."

Parsons doesn’t lack confidence in his ability. What the third year forward makes clear with these comments is that he sees himself as a star, a “go-to” player offensively.

He simply feels more valued by the Mavericks. Both owner Mark Cuban and Coach Rick Carlisle rave about his versatility, looking forward to him playing anywhere from point guard to power forward in a Mavs uniform. Being the fourth option on a loaded Rockets team with a realistic shot at winning a championship may be okay for some, but it isn’t for Chandler Parsons.

Allegedly Rockets GM Daryl Morey had a plan to sign Chris Bosh and then match the Parsons offer sheet; now it appears that it probably wasn’t his plan at all. He told the SportsTalk 790 AM radio station in Houston that the offer was the most “untradeable structure” he’s ever seen, implying he saw Parsons as an asset he could use to land another star in the future. After all, why worry about a contract being untradeable if you don’t want to trade it?

Morey is likely prioritising a quality point guard now, after sending Jeremy Lin to the Lakers.