All new internet domain .scot to launch for patriotic Scots

The new domain for Scotland will allow people and organisations to have .scot in their web or email address.

After Dot Scot Registry eventually came to an agreement with worldwide domain regulators to take control of the brand new domain name, starting from midday today approximately 50 Scottish websites will go live with .scot.

Those early users will include the likes of the Scottish government, Yes Scotland and Better Together, WWF Scotland, NHS Scotland and Scouts Scotland, according to the BBC.

International adopters will also include Louisiana Scots and the Clan Wallace.

The public though will have to wait until September 23 to get their paws on .scot, as the domain remains exclusive to the launch pioneers for the first two months.

This year has seen a whole host of new domains introduced. With the introductions of domains like .wales, .cymru, .london, .berlin and .NYC, we could see the use of and .com become a lot less common.

According to deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish domain will help to "...promote Scottish business and culture throughout the world."

Sturgeon went on to say: "I am confident that the .scot domain name will prove to be a real asset to the people of Scotland and to the worldwide family of Scots.

"I am looking forward to the Scottish government being able to make use of this new domain and to having up and running before the end of the year, as well as our pioneer domains including, which go live today."