YouTube reported to be considering investment in exclusive shows

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The video streaming site may be spending millions to have its own exclusive content to compete with Netflix and Amazon.

YouTube may be extending into the realms of video production as reported by Reuters, “ YouTube has embarked on a new round of discussions with Hollywood and independent producers to fund premium content, two sources with knowledge of the talks told Reuters, a move that could bolster a three-year-old multimillion-dollar effort that has had mixed success so far.”

The new round of discussions have seen YouTube executives approaching movie-land to bring more polished premium content to the site in order to allow Google to secure more lucrative advertising.

According to the report while no plans for the structure of the program have been revealed. YouTube may offer between $1 million and $3 million to produce a series of shows that they may also pay to help market.

It was also revealed that the site was considering videos shorter than the 30 minute network-quality shows that Netflix and Amazon produce

"We are always exploring various content and marketing ideas to support and accelerate our creators," a YouTube representative said.

For YouTube, a site that boasts a hefty 1 billion unique visitors each month there’s already a user base far greater than Netflix and Amazon. With Google ad prices on the decline the desire to have must-see shows in order to coax premium advertisers is clear.

The site continues to cater for video creators providing advice, production facilities, marketing support and small amounts of funding.

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