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One of the ways the Bank Workers Charity supports current and former bank workers is helping clients with a range of disabilities.

The Bank Workers Charity is supporting the campaign - Disability Awareness Day on 13 July - to both raise awareness of disability and challenge negative attitudes towards it. Unfortunately, research shows that there is still prejudice amongst UK citizens when it comes to speaking or working with people with a disability.

According to a report by the disability charity Scope, 67% of British public feel uncomfortable speaking to a disabled person and 36% of people believe disabled people are not as productive as everyone else. Scope’s Chief executive Richard Hawkes said: 'Imagine if every day, people avoided talking to you because they weren’t sure what to say or how to act. That’s the situation that many disabled people face today'.

The World Report on Disability published in 2011 written by the World Health Organisation and The World Bank says that 'around 720 million people in the world have difficulties in functioning with around a 100 million experiencing very significant difficulties'.

Taking into account the numbers mentioned above it is clear to say that Governments throughout the world can no longer overlook the hundreds of millions of people with disabilities who are denied access to health, rehabilitation, support and employment and don’t get then same chance to prove what they are worth.

BWC work with a number of organisations which both work with them to support people with disabilities and raise awareness.

To find out more about getting help and support with a disability take a look at the BWC’s website here.

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