Xbox One indie games can now make use of trial/demo function

Xbox One System

Previously the trial functionality of games on Xbox One wasn’t available, unlike the popular feature on Xbox 360, but now future titles can make use of it.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Chris Charla Microsoft’s ID@Xbox boss, has revealed that players will be able to download trials and demos of games on Xbox One before purchasing. This feature is available on the Xbox 360 – it allows you to download a trial of a game, and then purchase it without having to download it again. However, no games that are currently on the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One have this functionality, but it is something future games will be able to make use of.

The ID@Xbox program is there for indie developers to self-publish their games, and with the trial functionality now available, those developers could implement this feature into future titles. The last few weeks saw an influx of new titles appearing on the Xbox One including the nightmare-inducing Outlast, and shadow platformer Contrast, so hopefully this will continue at a similar rate.

The trial functionality is something that’s much appreciated over on the Xbox 360, so now it’s available to future Xbox One titles it means that everyone is getting a similar service. The Xbox One OS is slowly being updated with new features, and Microsoft are definitely listening to the community it would seem.


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