Will Ubisoft ensure we get a decent Assassin’s Creed movie?

Assassin's Creed Unity E3 Screen 1

Game creation giants Ubisoft talk of tight control over movie tie-ins to ensure quality

Looking to buck the trend of poor video game movie tie-ins, Ubisoft are talking about what they intend to do to ensure upcoming movies of their games will be well received by fans.

By working closely with movie studios Ubisoft aim to have a guiding hand to help make for a successful production. Speaking on the Ubi Blog Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot notes, "The best way to do that is to make sure you control what is important in movie creation,"

"It's the scenario and the cast and the director. And if you are capable of negotiating with those guys in the movie production studios, making sure they are on the same page as you, that they understand the IP - what is strong, what makes it interesting for the gamers - then you can create something that will match people's expectations."

With several of their games getting movie tie-ins Ubisoft's underlying agenda would be to have their games benefit from a decent film, “Movies can also create content that we can reuse for our games,” Guillemot said, “For example, if you do a movie and you have lots of special effects, lots of creations of worlds and characters, you can pick that up and put that in your game. So, the games become richer, more alive, and more cinematic.”

With numerous Ubisoft games franchises getting Hollywood productions this all makes good sense. Currently Michael Fassbender is starring in and co-producing an Assassin’s Creed film and Tom Hardy will be playing Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell movie.

Michael Bay is also set to develop Ghost Recon into a potential movie and Ubisoft from within their own film production division will be hiring talent to help on Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids films.

What’s good in a game isn’t always going to be good in a film and going on the past form of games made into movies we’re interested to see just how effective Ubisoft’s intervention will be. Will keeping the gamers happy be enough to ensure a good movie?

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