SWAT team raid Twitch streamer’s home live online

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Twitch streamer and pro gamer Jordan Gilbert is playing Counter-Strike when armed police enter his home live online.

As reported by Kotaku, Counter-Strike streamer Jordan Gilbert of n0thingtv had his home raided by armed police after someone called them to his house in a prank called ‘swatting’.

Whilst Gilbert was livestreaming some CS gameplay online, you can see the moment he hears sirens and eventually leaves the room to investigate around the 1:39:00 mark on the video below, with the police entering armed with assault rifles around the 1:44:00 mark.

Gilbert returns to his chair at the 1:56:30 mark and says, “it’s all good”, and goes on to say he’s “got a good understanding with the police station now. It’s unfortunate people wanna do that.”

Being based in a pretty sleepy part of the world, I don’t think I’ve ever really heard of anything like this happening, but it’s pretty idiotic to say the least.

Watch the Youtube video below if you just want to see the most interesting part.

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