Video: Kids react to Game Boy and show how much things have changed

Nintendo’s once ubiquitous hand-held console found clunky and out-moded by kids

However fondly we look back on the greats of the past the emergent generation are clearly less enamoured by old kit in a world of apps and touch-screens. This would certainly appear to be the case with Nintendo’s Game Boy in a new 'Kids React' video posted on the YouTube channel The Fine Bros.

In the ‘Kids React’ series the children of today have previously mocked the rotary phone and the walkman, now the 25 year old portable gaming console that once ruled the world gets a retrospective grilling.

"I think it's kinda a piece of junk" states one child in the video with the general feeling even from those that warmed to the Game Boy that playing on tablets and smartphones is better.

One child in the video was clued up enough to give Game Boy some respect referring to it as the ‘grandfather of handhelds’.

Check out the video below.


While this does make us feel a bit old it also reminds us that while being into your retro kit is one thing, it’s undeniable that newer gaming hardware is better as anyone that remembers using tapes to load games can vouch for.

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