Rogue Legacy lives on joining PS3, PS4 and Vita on July 30th

Rogue Legacy

The celebrated indie roguelike game graces Sony platforms this month.

Rougelike games take inspiration from the 1980s game Rogue and form an RPG sub genre typified by procedural level generation tile-based graphics and permanent death.

Rogue Legacy brings a new twist to the formula by passing your hard earned riches onto your offspring when you die. Not only this but after death the player you continue with will have randomly generated genetic traits that give it different abilities. You can get ADHD for instance which makes you run faster or Dwarfism that will make your sprite smaller and able to fit through tight spaces.

Rogue Legacy will be coming as a cross buy for PS3, PS4 and Vita and will also support cross-save functionality.

Below is a trailer for the Sony release showing some of the retro-styled randomly generated ancestral fun.

Rogue Legacy will be coming to the PlayStation store on July 30th

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