Minecraft surpasses 16 million copies sold for PC

Minecraft Review

With many more millions sold on consoles and mobile

Four years since it launched and Minecraft is still going strong with ongoing sales figures that compete with most new console games coming out. The Minecraft stat counter on Mojang’s website recently crossed the 16 million mark for copies sold on PC. In February Minecraft hit the 14 million copies sold mark, meaning in five months the game has shifted 2 million copies.

Minecraft’s ubiquity doesn’t end there though. In June the combined sales of Minecraft on PS3 and Xbox 360 were higher than those on PC and a total of 54 million units has so far sold across PC, console and mobile.

Later this year Minecraft will also be making its way to PS4, Xbox One and Vita with 4J studios, the developers responsible for porting the game promising worlds 36 times larger than on the previous generation consoles.

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