Giant rollable panels the future of LG televisions

LG flexible TV

LG has said it hopes to release two ultra-thin TVs, with one capable of rolling into a 3cm thick tube.

The electronics maker has said that it is confident each of the new TV panels will be 60-inches in length, display content in Ultra HD and be available to purchase by 2017.

LG showed off prototypes of their flexible screens at CES earlier this year.

It's not really clear how useful a flexible TV would be though. It could make it easier to store away when not in use, but then surely people buy TVs to have them on display. Also it will probably be fair easy to take out and about, but 60-inch television aren't supposed to be portable objects.

Essentially for those who will be able to afford the paper-thin TVs it will be more of a vanity purchase to show off how much dispensable income somebody has. Especially considering they to cost a wad full of cash to start with.

The technology that makes the TV panel so flexible is the fact that the backplane is made of a "high molecular substance-based polyamide film" rather than the plastic you find in conventional TV panels.

LG's second TV is said to feature a transparent OLED panel, which will allegedly have three-times more transparency than any currently available on the market.

Product editor of Wired magazine, Jeremy White, believes the new screen would be better suited in retail or exhibition environments due to how "eye-catching" they will be.

"Being able to curve screens around complex retail display units or using the transparency to have the screen envelop the product itself on a stand would certainly be eye-catching.

"And of course this is all leading to flexible tablets as well, which will possibly be the most useful application of flexible screens to the average consumer."