Top 5 most anticipated tablets coming this year

With half of 2014 over we look at the top 5 most anticipated tablets still to come this year.

5) Nexus 10

We haven't seen an update to the Nexus 10 since November 2012, so it's long overdue that Google brought out a refreshed version of its 10-inch tablet.

There are no specification leaks at this time but recent reports are suggesting that Google is about to ditch Samsung, who made the previous Nexus 10, in favour of either Asus or HTC.

Asus look to have an advantage though considering they collaborated with Google to make the popular Nexus 7 tablet. Also serial Twitter leaker @evleaks posted a screenshot from an unnamed store computer system listing the next Nexus 10 device as Google Asus Nexus 10.

Possible release - autumn

Possible price - £349

4) iPad Mini 3

The next iteration of the iPad Mini is pretty much guaranteed to be coming out sometime this October alongside its bigger brother the iPad Air 2.

It's unlikely that we'll see any groundbreaking changes in the tablet though, it should look very much the same and have the same Retina display that Apple implanted in the 2013 Mini.

You should definitely expect to see Apple's fingerprint scanning technology Touch ID in the next iPad Mini, alongside iOS 8 and an improved A8 processor.

Possible release - October/November

Possible price - £319

3) Microsoft Surface Mini

After everyone thought that Microsoft would introduce the Surface Mini next to the Surface Pro 3 in May, and then they seemingly did not, it threw all the rumours and reports of the Mini into the air.

But @evleaks tweeted again last week that the production of the Surface Mini had recommenced. Spec reports suggest it's likely to feature a 7-inch display, Windows 8 and a stylus digital pen.

Also expect to see additional accessories like the Type Covers that can be currently be bought with the the Surface and Surface Pro.

If the @evleaks tweet is true then we can expect to see the Surface Mini in the US at some point during the summer, with a worldwide release sometime thereafter.

Price wise it has been reported that Microsoft wants to pitch the Surface Mini at around £300 in order to directly compete with the next iPad Mini and possible Nexus 8.

Possible release - Late summer/autumn

Possible price - £300

2) Nexus 8

The most recent rumours suggest the Nexus 8 is currently being tested in India ahead of a release apparently sometime this summer, but Google I/O came and went without any announcement, so the actual release of this tablet is unknown at this point.

Spec wise the only guarantee you can currently get is that the tablet will feature an 8-inch screen. Other than that everything else is currently conjecture.

CNET says it could run Android 4.5, but that’s quite an old claim so you would be better off expecting Android 5.0. 3GB of RAM sounds fairly accurate, and they also claim a Qualcomm 64-bit ARM processor will power the device.

The 16GB Nexus 7 is currently priced at £150 in most retail outlets, so expect a slightly larger and more powerful Nexus 8 to cost somewhere in the region of £180-£200.

Possible release - unknown

Possible price - £200

1) iPad Air 2

As with the iPad Mini, it's doubtful we'll see many physical differences in the second iteration of the Air, but with the hysteria surrounding Apple products it's acceptable to consider the iPad Air 2 the most anticipated tablet to come this year.

Expect the same specifications as the iPad Mini 3. It's almost guaranteed to feature Touch ID and an A8 processor. An updated camera module is also likely, with reports pointing out that it could feature the same quality camera as the iPhone 5s.

When it ships late October/November time it will come preinstalled with iOS 8, and rumours have suggested it will feature a slightly altered version of the OS that includes split screen multitasking.

As for price, there is little reason for Apple to diverge from their current pricing strategy, so the low-end 16GB model should cost £399, and the 128GB high-end model should cost £639.

Possible release - October/November

Possible price - £399