CoD: Ghosts Invasion DLC now available for PlayStation and PC owners

Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion Pharaoh Environment

Activision’s latest Call of Duty game brings the third DLC to PS3, PS4 and PC players, including new maps and the third chapter in Extinction mode.

First made available to Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners last month, the Invasion DLC pack is now ready for PS3, PS4 and PC owners to download. The pack features four additional multiplayer maps, plus the third chapter in the Extinction mode storyline – Awakening.

Each of the four maps included in the pack are very distinct with their own theme and field orders. Departed is set in a Mexican town during Dia de los Murertos (Day of the Dead) and features lots of tight back streets and colourful decorations strewn throughout the town. Pharoah takes place at an archaeological dig amongst some ancient Egyptian ruins in the middle of the desert. Mutiny is in an old Caribbean harbour complete with wooden docks and a huge pirate ship right in the middle. Favela is a remastered version of the classic CoD: MW2 map – set in a Brazilian shantytown, some of the buildings have altered slightly but the layout is exactly the same.

The next chapter in Extinction mode sees players make their way into the depths of the alien lair and where they must use new weapons and equipment to take out a load of defensive barriers. We'll be bringing you a review of the DLC soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

In addition to the new DLC there are new customisation items available to download too, including new uniforms and country flags for playercards and backgrounds.

The Invasion DLC is available on PSN for PS3 and PS4, and Steam for PC. If you've purchased a Season Pass then you'll be able to download the new DLC right away with no charge.


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