Watch Dogs modder turns Aiden Pearce into naked woman

Watch Dogs

PC mods can improve games, and they can completely change games, but this time around it's all in the name of 'fun'.

Watch Dogs modders have been hard at work since the game came out last month, and one of the first things to be worked on was delving into the code to give the PC version the same look as that brilliant E3 2012 demo. However, one modder has also been working on the game, but this time it was to replace the protagonist Aiden Pearce with a naked woman.

The video below is from the YouTube channel of modder ‘SoloCreep’, and in it you can see he has replaced Aiden with the model of Poppy, one of the women you meet in the game. “She is one of the characters from the main storyline that Aiden met. Once again, it was for fun. I unpacked some files and used a hex editor to make the change” said the modder, when describing the steps he took to create the mod and why.

This video is NSFW, of course.

The modding community can, and have, done many wonderful things to a lot of games, and this mod for Watch Dogs probably isn’t one of them, but it’s still a thing, right?

SoloCreep has also created a mod that replaces Aiden with loveable rogue, Jordi Chin, which you can see in the video below.

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