GTA Online: Potential new Flight School update + new jets!

GTA Online

A recent leak discovered in the coding for GTA V has revealed a new upcoming free update and some features we can expect to see included.

The Hydra jet, officially featured in the second trailer for GTA V, will now definitely be returning according to a recent leak. The Hydra was cut from the initial launch of the game and Rockstar had previously hinted that cut content would be making a return in future updates. Audio files have revealed police vehicle identification of a suspect escaping in a VTOL and since the Hydra in the trailer is based off the AV-8B Harrier 2 (which also happens to be a VTOL) its very likely that the Hydra is the vehicle that this is referring to. 

Joining the Hydra will be various new jets and planes - 3 of these vehicles have been specifically named, The "Miljet", "Besra" and "Coquette2" (we're not sure whether this is a car or a plane with a '2' to avoid confusion - or perhaps its a helicopter). These may or may not be all of the vehicles included, however the Hunter Helicopter, which is already fully modeled and coded, will be arriving shortly even if it isn't featured in this update, we can almost guarantee it. We can probably expect the usual extra features such as new clothes, masks, horns etc. too. However, unlike the standard online content updates, this is set to be part of a Single Player DLC, although we have no current information on what other features will appear in this update or DLC.

Another previously leaked source revealed four weapons, The Vintage Pistol, The Antique Cavalry Dagger, The SCAR and the MG/AR, two of these weapons were included in the "I'm Not a Hipster" update so it is very likely that the remaining two weapons will be included in a later update, potentially this one (although an anti-air missile launcher might be a tad more beneficial with all the deadly new air vehicles in the skies). Either way, it looks as if these weapons could be making an appearance in this update.

As most of you should be aware, heists are not going to be arriving in Grand Theft Auto Online until after the release of the next gen and PC versions. Rockstar have officially stated that although they are working on them, they are going to be delayed, which is understandable since after the first few days of GTA Online its understandable that they'd like the heists to function without any severe bugs or glitches - plus the more time they spend on them, the better they will turn out to be. They may even end up as a timed next gen exclusive to boost the sales. Regardless, next gen GTA V will introduce a plethora of new features so we can expect to see heists around then or shortly after.

Also, keep in mind that Rockstar currently plan to completely remove the firework launcher from your inventory after the Independence Day update has expired, along with any fireworks. The musket, monster truck, sovereign, clothes, masks and tattoos however will stay in the game. The launcher costs 60,000 GTA$ which is a pretty large amount of money for season exclusive content, and we're hoping that everyone who bought the launcher is refunded after the weapon is removed.

Will these new jets be Pegasus vehicles? Will the Lazer become purchasable? We aren't quite sure how this one is going to work, but if they are then we are going to be looking at some pretty expensive price tags for them, but that certainly isn't surprising.

This may not be the next free content update, so take such leaks with a grain of salt, but keep your eyes peeled and we'll bring you any updates on this potential new DLC.

Do any of these features interest you? Aside from heists, what would you like to see in GTA Online?

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