The Forest gameplay: an island retreat, with cannibals

The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror set on a castaway island following the events of a plane crash, and you are not alone.

The chances of a plane crash are slim, but unfortunately for you the protagonist of this game did not arrive at their desired destination when the plane they're travelling on crashes. Several moments after crash landing, it's discovered that not only are you stranded on a castaway island, but also that the island is not devoid of human life. Cannibals also share the island and it appears that your son has been taken by them in the midst of the night, possibly as a snack.

The primary elements of this game are survival and exploration, with some deeply rooted horror. You'll need to collect food to stay alive and resources to build fortifications in order to protect yourself from the nocturnal cannibals that lurk the island. There are the odd few that appear during the day too, so you're never safe. The island itself is very big offering up deep forests and large cave networks - exploration is encouraged but always tread lightly, especially in caves! After all, where do you think the cannibals sleep.

Will you find your son? How long will you survive? Do you have what it takes to escape this island? Below is some gameplay by 2rgames, Keep in mind that the game is still in an early development stage so there are lots of little bugs here and there:

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