The Elder Scrolls V Skywind mod public alpha 'coming soon'

The Elder Scrolls 3 morrowind v 2

The first Bethesda sanctioned public developer mod for Skyrim will be opening for public alpha testing soon.

Entitled Skywind the mod from TES Renewal Project for the Elder Scrolls V is attempting to bring back The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind using the Skyrim game engine. A trailer for the 0.9.4 build can be seen below showing off several areas in the mod along with new character and armour models.

The no solid due date for the Skywind public alpha as yet with the devs simply stating it is ‘coming soon’ with ‘details to come’ at the end of the trailer.

The accompanying video description reiterates, “Details will follow. Do NOT inquire about it in the comments or the website yet, it will be revealed in time exactly what a public developer release is.”

If you’d like to see more Elder Scrolls mods hit this link to learn of the petition to get Bethsda to release past Elder scrolls content for free.


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