VIDEO: Steph Curry enjoying off-season by lighting up a San Francisco Pro-Am

Golden State Warriors' Curry showed why he's one of the best players in the league by dropping 43 points in an off-season Pro-Am game.

While Pro-Am games are undoubtedly an unfair reflection of an NBA player's talent, it’s never not fun to watch them embarrass some of the poor amateur souls who thought that they could guard whichever stars they’re playing against.

This time it was Steph Curry’s turn to put on a show for a raucous Frisco crowd. Showing off his dazzling offensive arsenal we can see Curry torching his opposition with slick passing, pin-point shooting and his devastating handle. There's no doubt Curry was feeling it and one gets the distinct impression that no-one could have guarded Curry the way he was playing.

Enjoy the show.